Meeting for Worship

Unprogrammed Silent Worship

Lansdowne Friends Meeting's unprogrammed service is derived from the belief that there is that of God in everyone, often called the Light within.

At first one may feel uneasy as we settle into quiet meditation and prayer. We have no chosen minister. No one will start or conduct the meeting hour, for any in attendance may be called to be ministers. Friends (Quakers) believe that the Divine still speaks to the individual who is responsive to inward promptings and insights.

The stillness about you is not dead or empty, but alive. As the group is united in an attitude of worship and seeks intimate contact with the will of the Spirit, you are encouraged to open yourself to the leading of the Spirit.

Roving thoughts and outside distractions may disturb you, but do not be troubled. Put them out of your mind, or accept one particular thought that seems right for meditation. You will feel a growing sense of inward quiet and your physical tensions may relax. Turn your thoughts to the still Center of your being, where the Spirit is. "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Meeting is a time for listening, for sorting our thoughts as to rightness and truth. But much as we value silence in our way of worship, we need to be open to messages from others. The silence will be broken when someone feels led to vocal ministry. Receive what is said in a loving spirit. Such ministry is welcome from all present. If any thoughts expressed do not speak to you, try to look behind the words or manner of the speaker for a deeper meaning. Everyone shares in the responsibility for worship, and can share in its blessings, whether from a simple meditation or the unifying power which occasionally envelopes us. Worshiping together in this manner, each person may more easily hear God speak and find guidance and inspiration for daily living and service.


At the rise of Meeting all are invited for sociability in the Cora Ross room or in breakout rooms during Zoom Meeting for Worship. Literature about Friends is available in the meetinghouse in addition to what you can find on our website. The Greeter and other Friends will be pleased to respond to questions.