Meeting for Learning

Meeting For Learning/Events 2022-2023 Schedule

Sponsored by the Lansdowne Friends Meeting Adult Religious Education Committee (ARE). Please check out our calendar also.

* Meeting for Learning (MfL) is generally held in person in the meetinghouse after Meeting for Worship (MfW) on Sundays at 11:15AM unless indicated otherwise. 

All are welcome!

04/30/23          Meeting for Learning with Dana,  Jacqueline, Lesley and Norm

05/07/23          Meeting for Learning with Eric Mayer and Dana Robinson

05/28/23          Friendly Bible Study with Heather

06/04/23          Meeting for Learning with Dana Robinson

06/18/23          Friendly Bible Study with Heather

Meeting for Learning strives to provide an effective program of religious education for adult members, attendees, and visitors to the Meeting.


Among other possibilities, the following topics will be explored:


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